Castle View has been awarded a 5 star Hygiene Rating  from Environmental Health – For further information go to

We believe that well-being and learning are linked to good nutrition, and this shows in our attention to detail in our food.

We can cater for any dietary requirements and all food is cooked fresh from source here at the nursery by our housekeeper Denise. Our menus have been checked by a dietitian, who is happy that they are healthy and have the correct combinations of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.

Babies eat the same and their food is pureed or mashed etc in line with their stage of weaning.

We have a soup of the week made using seasonal veg; we also make muffins and sponge puddings using seasonal fruit/veg.

Take a look at some samples of our menus:

Snacks are offered morning and afternoon and are either fruit, veg or carbohydrates – for example cheese straws, fruit loaf, scone or rice cake. Children have milk or water with their snacks.

Pre-school have an open snack bar where they are encouraged to help themselves by using jugs to pour their drinks, and they use pictures and numbers to signify how many pieces of fruit etc. they are allowed to take. This is to help with their independence, knowledge, maths and school readiness. They are also encouraged to serve themselves at mealtimes which promotes independence and helps with trying a variety of foods.