Welcome to Castle View Day Nursery

Welcome to Castle View Day Nursery where 'your' child is at the centre of everything we do. Our focus is....... ....helping children to learn and develop using their interests as the focal point ....to inspire children to make discoveries and encounter experiences through the provision of natural resources ....providing safe access to the local amenities and making good use of the outdoor environment ....working in partnership with families to ensure the very best for the childr...
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King of the castle (and other stories)

Role-playing and imagination are two skills that children do so much better than adults. We try to make sure that they  are surrounded by a range of different toys, materials, media and space to let their minds run free. King of the castle, princess explorer or being an astronaut - we let them choose what they want to be and do.
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Creature comforts

Child with goldfish
Children love animals and nature- its a simple fact. Growing up with hands on experience of the nature is an important way for children to understand the world around them. We help the children in our care to open their eyes and really focus on all the wonderful things happening around them. A leaf that has been nibbled by a very hungry caterpillar, a snail hiding in a little crevice in a wall and a small bud on a twig which is going to grow into a beautiful flower. We collect, take photographs ...
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Lots of space for all those 1-2 year old movers and groovers….

Room for 1 to 2 year olds
At Castle View Day Nursery we have put a lot of time and effort into creating spaces that will inspire children to use their senses to explore the world around them. Kittens room has been designed with young toddlers and babies in mind. Eye level displays and mirrors, a gadget board and plenty of low level furniture for children to 'cruise' before they take their first all important step have all been encorporated to enable them to learn and develop. Lambs room provides space and opportun...
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And so it begins

So, I've got through the pain of moving servers and survived. I guess it could have been worse, after all I only had to manually edit one of the three databases and then update about 40 web pages because PHP and MySQL have gone and grown up since I wrote the site. Still, at least I have a new toy to play with - a blog! Yea! To be fair, I created a simple blog long before these modern things (see http://castleviewnursery.com/ants/pants/ for an example). So, welcome one and all. I expect to ta...
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