Involving you

It’s important that you, as parents and carers, are involved in the progress of your child during their time at Castle View Day Nursery.

We use an electronic system, called EYlog, to track children’s learning and development. Photos and videos are emailed to parents as they are taken and a daily diary which outlines nappy changes, sleep times, how much they have eaten and what they have been doing at nursery is all emailed across for you to read and comment on – it’s an online learning journey and gives you better access to your child’s learning and development.

This helps us encourage partnerships with parents and carers, and means practitioners are not spending hours writing up records and information – it is all at their fingertips and very simple to use. As you would expect, it is a secure site which can only be accessed by parents, carers and staff.

Here are some comments and observations added by our parents;

Comment: It\’s lovely to see Ida happy and settled at nursery. We are very pleased to be able to see her development via this app.

Message: I have spoken to Katie and we agree that Belle is ok to have just one long nap per day. But if she does get tired and grouchy in the afternoon, we would rather her go down for a second nap rather than use the dummy.
Thank you again. It is nice to be able to converse with you rather than worrying about it.

Comment on a video “Looks like great fun, Harry! It’s great to see you starting to sit and concentrate on a tasks like this.”

Observation: Tilly has really enjoyed watching the dramatisation of one of her books today-Room on the broom. She’s been walking around telling the story which has included reciting parts that she thinks are particularly funny: “I might just have witch WITHOUT CHIPS for my tea!!!”.

Comment: We play this game at home a lot. It\’s one of her favourites. She also knows tongue, ears and feet. Well done Imogen!

Observation: “Jude located the letters in his name and put them on the fridge correctly to spell ‘jude’.”

Comment on a video: Wow! That\’s fantastic! Well done Maisie 🙂 x (opens in a new window)